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    Joining the forum
    Posting to this forum requires membership (as a means of reducing spam and annoying unwanted solicitation).
    You can apply for membership clicking here. On future visits you'll sign in using the link at the top right corner of the screen.
    Once the administrator has verified you are a real person (as opposed to a spambot) you'll immediately be granted access which will enable you to contribute to existing discussions — or start your own.

    Some simple html formatting you may find useful when posting.
    The forum posts accommodate html formatting. This means you may need to know a few tags to create hyperlinks to external web pages, or make your text bold etc. A link is called an anchor in HTML, and so the tag to represent it is the <a> tag. When you use an anchor, you must point to the web page address that you want to go to when you click. You specify this with the href attribute.
    <a href="URL of the Web page to go to">Text that will be the link</a>

    Creating bold text is just as simple.
    This uses the strong tag:
    <strong>Add your bold text here</strong>

    Adding images
    This is just a matter of clicking on the attachments button below the input field and navigating to the image you wish to upload on your on computer. (There is a maximum limit set of 600 pixels in width.)
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