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    Q. What topics can be discussed?
    A. This forum is intended to be a meeting place where you can discuss anything you want in relation to environmentally sustainable building, materials, techniques and supplies. Questions and discussions about any topic relating to these subjects is appropriate.

    Q. Are there rules of behavior?
    A. Yes. People using this forum should treat others with respect. We expect debate and sometimes heated discussion on some topics, but those discussions must remain civil. If you're tempted to flame someone, keep in mind that this site is used by people of all ages. In order for it to remain a site that everyone can use, posts that use offensive language will be removed. People who routinely make such posts will face loss of membership privileges.

    Q. May I promote my product or web site here?
    A. Although we encourage people to share helpful URLs with other members, visiting this forum with the exclusive intent of spamming or promoting other forums and web sites will also lose membership privileges immediately. Spamming is rude. Please respect your host and the other forum members. You may of course, make your personal URL part of your "signature," but please do not place commercial posts on the forum. We have a business directory for that express purpose.

    Q. Can I copy and paste interesting information, i.e., articles, photos or news clippings to share with other forum members?
    A. We ask that you respect copyright laws when posting to our forum. Generally, you may cut and paste a short quote, or a line or two from an article. However, quoting an entire piece without explicit permission of the owner is a copyright violation, even when credit is given. Please also be mindful of copyright issues when posting photographs.
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