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    The Australian Building Greenhouse Rating scheme is a national program that benchmarks commercial office buildings' greenhouse impact on a scale of one to five. The more stars your building or tenancy receives, the better its greenhouse performance.

    Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting in Australia

    SOLARCH, National Solar Architecture Research Unit (UNSW)

    COMBINE—Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe

    A dio is a very small, very powerful, and incredibly bright colored light source. dio's are produced from semi-conductor material encased in a clear epoxy lens. dio's have made neon, fluorescent and LED lighting methods obsolete.

    NatHERS is a Computer Simulation Tool for House Energy Rating. The Australian designed software from the CSIRO designed for Australian conditions.

    The FirstRate house energy rating software is a powerful design tool which calculates the energy efficiency of residential house designs. Using details from the house plans, the system assesses the house or unit's energy efficiency on a 5 star scale and instantly measures the effects of design changes entered by the user.

    The CarbonCost Calculator is a web service that calculates the cost of embodied energy in building construction.
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